Saturday, September 24, 2016

Interesting Websites - Kill Your Boredom

Posted by Sharath Chandra
Are you feeling boredom? Visit these websites for killing some time. 

1. Faces of Facebook 

How much big picture it will be if all the Facebook Person's Profile Pictures in a single picture? Have you ever imagined - Here you go this team tried to gather all the available in images in one single picture and you can figure it out yourself where you are (but it will take so much time!!!). 


2. Believe in Magic 

This is amazing website will make you confuse for a few seconds? Visit this page for playing this mind reading website. For a few seconds/minutes you will be confused and you will try again and again and then you will find out. 


3. Creepy Girl 

Isn't weird >? It is a simple static webpage and the girl's eyes will follow your mouse cursor. Just for time pass visit this page


Will Keep Add the other interesting websites - keep visiting us.

Some of my previous posts about amazing websites - 

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Google is going to buy Twitter?

Posted by Sharath Chandra
In this tough competition in spite of many new (minor) changes Twitter is facing problems like not much user base. But still there are so many problems inside - so finally there is an internal talk like it is ready for bid and the world top companies like Google, Microsoft, Verizon, Salesforce are looking forward to buy.


Lets wait who will buy this Twitter and what all the changes they are going to introduce. Will they remove the 140 character slot ? all are the pending questions as of now. 

Twitter current market value is at $13.3Billion and today its share prices went up high 22%. Microsoft might be opted out from this deal since its Linkedin acquire is in progress. Salesforce might jump in and give tough competition for the Google. 

But Google is aiming at this offer since it has to give the tough competition for Facebook and already it introduced Allo this week to give tough competition for Whatsapp and Whatsapp is ready to face it by introducing so many new features. This tough competition is going to give many new features to the end customers that is for a good reason. Google already introduced Duo to give answer for Skype / FB Video call. So lets see what is going to future of Twitter. 

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

World's Largest Pixel Image - 52000MP

Posted by Sharath Chandra
Can you imagine an image with 52K Mega Pixel that means 52 Billion Pixel, and if you are thinking about Astronomical Images such as NASA, ISRO etc then you are wrong. Here we are talking about one of the finest Luxury Car Manufacturers 'Bentley' advertisement.

What is this about ? 

Bentley team came up with this 52 times extraordinary image for their brand logo and advertisement of 'Bentley Mulsanne'. They have used similar to NASA equipment to create such extent image. 

What are the details ? 

This photograph has been taken at Golden Gate Bridge, California / San Francisco.  They have taken a nice Panoramic Image of Golden Gate bridge - but if you zoom-in .. zoom-in you can see the clear Logo of 'Bentley' Stitching on passenger's headrest. You cannot zoom-in anywhere else. You can zoom this in their website only. Please check this awesome experience - 


Interesting Facts about this extraordinary image: 

  • 70 Photographers together created this image 
  • They used the equipment that are equivalent to NASA's equipment to create panoramic images of MARS
  • If you print this image at 100% size i.e. 53 K Mega Pixel - that would be equivalent to a Foot Ball Field.
  • The car cost is approximately $330,000 that will be approximately 6 times to the average US annual salary!!! 
  • New version of this series is slated to release in 2017. 
  • The size of this file 4425 times larger than the typical smartphone images. 
  • This photography took 
    • 6 Months to Plan 
    • 6 Days to Shoot 
    • 75 Days to Retouch 
  • They almost stitched 700 photos to make this image. 


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Monday, September 19, 2016

Another Powerful Messaging Service In Market - Google Allo

Posted by Sharath Chandra
When the world is communicating with Messages - specially #Whatsapp, SnapChat, #Messenger - you might think why not a product from Google here - Here you go!


Google announced #Allo during May 2016 and it is due to launch this week. It is called 'Allo' almost sounds like Hello and that is one easy way of getting into the human mind so fast. 

It is believing by the industry that - this app is going to have the wonderful features on the board - and that can easily give tough competetion to the Big Gaints in this industry such as 'Whatsapp' or 'Messenger'. 

  • It is introducing the 'Smart Reply' feature - that means it gives the list of options for a message to reply based on your interaction records. Also this feature analyzes the Pictures and gives the suggestions to send this to that person or someone. 
  • Incognito Mode: Here you can have the expiring chats/private notifications etc. 
  • "Whisper Shout" allows  the user to maximize or minimize the size of a message to represent volume
  • You can google search right in this app - while you are chatting itself. 
  • New set of emotions or smileys 
  • It is going to available in both Android and iOS. So many to come.. 

Stay tuned for the more updates. 

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Whatsapp Tagging Feature and GIF

Posted by Sharath Chandra
Since the heat is on between Google, Facebook - WhatsApp is trying to introduce as many as small or minor features that pleases the users. 

Earlier they introduced the Bold/Italic/Underlined Messages so now they came up with Tagging the friends in the Groups with the help of '@' symbol. 

As far as now this is not that major feature but it might be useful when you are trying to figure it out someone in the group. 

Major feature is yet to come 'Video Call' that is in Beta phase. 


They also introducing the GIF images to send. This will be hit due to the so many GIFs available on net mostly people used to send as comments on Facebook. 

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Track Your Fitness With These Apps

Posted by Sharath Chandra
For Tracking you body fitness do you need the bands/smart wears etc. We can say upto some extent you donot need these - instead you can install any of these two apps. 

1. Fit : 

It is an excellent app from our own Google. The benefits are like below 

  • It uses sensors in a user's activity tracker or mobile device to record physical fitness (it might be walking or cycling), 
  • You can trust about security because this app is from Google. 
  • You can customize the Daily Activeness Goal and you can track your health record.
  • You can see the graphical progress of your Fitness
  • You can even track the how many calories burnt

2. Moves: 

It is an another excellent app from Facebook. The benefits are like below 

  • It uses sensors in a user's activity tracker or mobile device to record physical fitness (it might be walking or cycling), 
  • You can trust about security because this app is from Facebook. 
  • It will show the graphical / map route - throughout the day where you have been. 
  • It can also track the burnt of Calories.

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

From Now Tweet More Within 140 Characters

Posted by Sharath Chandra
Twitter Inc, finally gave this good news for giving its users to write more within 140 characters. Earlier it was only 140 Characters be it Usernames / Attachments / URLs everything was included in that 140 character restrictions.

This had so many users annoy to express their interests in more detail.


Now from September 19th 2016(or this week) there is no restrictions like Usernames / Attachments / URLs are in this 140 character limit. Good News Isn't it? This change is doesn't completely removing the existing 140 character limit however going forward this small enhancement can attract or give more freedom for Tweeting.

So now on wards 140 = More Tweeting and you can as many as including Images/Attachments/URLs. 

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