Saturday, August 28, 2010

GMail Labs Special Features

Posted by Sharath
GMail - Labs provides us a lot of features which will change the entire look of gmail.

Some of the best features i have used so far...

Inbox Preview : Which will show us static image of Inbox before it loading. It will help in case of slower connections. If we did not get the particular mail we can log out from the static preview before it loads.

Undo Send : This feature helps us to prevent sending mail by mistakenly. We can stop the sending immediately we clicked on send button.

Message Sneak peak : This feature is amazing.. It will show a sneak preview of a mail.

Reply to All, Right side chat, flickr views, google docs, calendar, nested labels..... so many....

a lot of more features are awaiting in Google Labs... go to gmail.... click on labs image beside settings button...


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