Thursday, September 23, 2010

How can you send an e-mail with Yahoo ID from GMail Account?

Posted by Sharath
HI Friends, Here I am sharing an interesting thing (i think) with you. It is about sending an e-mail with yahoo id from a g-mail account ( i.e. even if you opened gmail you can send an e-mail with yahoo id in from address!)

Jus follow the simple steps below :

- Open GMail account of yours
- Click on "Settings" beside signout button.
- Click on "Accounts and Import" from the navigation bar above.
- From "Send email as" row click on "Send email from other address" button
- It opens a dialog box and enter the new e-mail address which you wish to "send email as "
- Then go through the next buttons... Finally you will get the confirmation e-mail to provided e-mail in this Import Accounts section.
- Open that e-mail and confirm the message. Done with the process
- In G-mail click on "Compose Email", in this window, now you can select the From Address option from the list of emails you confirmed.


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