Saturday, September 18, 2010

How to keep a background image for every drive in your Computer?

Posted by Sharath
Here you go....

You can keep different types of images for every drive in your computer. Just follow the simple process mentioned below!

- If you want to keep an image background for "D:\ " then do the follow steps in this folder
 -  Create a folder named as "Folder Settings" and place the images which you want to keep them as background for the drive."
 -  Now open a notepad and copy the below mentioned data into that and save it as "Desktop.ini"

IconArea_Image=Folder Settings\IMAGEFILENAME.JPG
PersistMoniker=file://Folder Settings\Folder.htt

** NOTE : In the above code please make sure that "IMAGEFILENAME.JPG" is must be the file name which is placed in the "folder settings" folder.

Then the drive will looks like this.



  1. buddy it's not working re.. if u have both files plz upload them

  2. Its working dude... just checkout the extension of your image... and its only one file that too.. Desktop.ini along with consisting images in a folder named "folder settings"

  3. Hii iam vinay...image is not cuming on drives its not wrking...can u tel me clearly...should i install MS office 4r this

  4. @vinay
    Hi vinay no need of any ms office..or any other softwares...

    first you need to create a folder named as "folder settings" and then place the images what you want to display

    then create a text file and copy the above code into the text file and save it as "Desktop.ini"
    and in the code where "IMAGEFILENAME.JPG" you should replace it with your image name. I mean if you place abc.jpeg image into the folder settings then you have to replace "IMAGEFILENAME.JPG" with abc.jpeg please check the file extention of your image it might be problem ther .. if it is jpg/bmp/png/jpeg the same extention should be used in the Desktop.ini file.
    Let me know the status...

  5. ya i did exactly what u said but not cuming wher should we keep that desktop.ini.....in the same folder r somewher in WINDOWS.....9014941762.hey iam very exiced about this so plz tel me dudu

  6. @Vinay
    The "folder settings" folder and "Desktop.ini" to be in a same drive i mean you have to place these two into example D:/ check the file extention once again in command prompt... once go to the path where you placed the image and type dir it will display the exact file extention and that should be placed into "Desktop.ini" file

  7. if you r using window7 or vista i dont know exactly whether will it work or not ?

  8. ya i did bur nooo not cuming iam using xp7 only y dont u check weather all the above codes r correct...(((([ExtShellFolderViews]]]]] is this mixed with codes r not hey giv ur mob no i wil cal

  9. when system is formatted again we need to set those config dude it's not for ever ? prince

  10. not working......:-/
    my pc is windows7 and i applied it for E drive

  11. I am also waiting for W7 version for this type of feature..