Saturday, September 18, 2010

How to keep a background image for every drive in your Computer?

Posted by Sharath Chandra
Here you go....

You can keep different types of images for every drive in your computer. Just follow the simple process mentioned below!

- If you want to keep an image background for "D:\ " then do the follow steps in this folder
 -  Create a folder named as "Folder Settings" and place the images which you want to keep them as background for the drive."
 -  Now open a notepad and copy the below mentioned data into that and save it as "Desktop.ini"

IconArea_Image=Folder Settings\IMAGEFILENAME.JPG
PersistMoniker=file://Folder Settings\Folder.htt

** NOTE : In the above code please make sure that "IMAGEFILENAME.JPG" is must be the file name which is placed in the "folder settings" folder.

Then the drive will looks like this.