Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Locking the folder WITHOUT anysoftware part -II

Posted by Sharath
Hi guys...

Here is an another way to lock the folder other than creating the .bat files. It is very secured and cannot be known by any other.....

If you want to hide/lock the folder "ABC" which is in the path "E:\ABC"

- Open Command line and go to the E:\ path
     then type this command : e:\attrib +a +s +h ABC

That's it. It is now hidden from the directory and even it cannot be displayed via status bar below( if we hide the folder it will display like (1 folder hidden) like that!)

Here attrib means File attributes

Description of each attribute as follows :

The 'A' attribute: is the 'Archive' attribute.
The 'S' attribute: is the 'System' attribute. When the system attribute is associated with a file, that file is hidden and cannot be run from the command line in DOS or a DOS session. The only way such a file can be run is by another program loading and running the file.
The 'H' attribute: is the 'Hidden' attribute. A file having this attribute cannot be seen by a normal DOS directory search (like using the DIR, CHKDSK, TREE, DEL, or RENAME commands).

To revert the folder as its previous state: just go to the folder path i mean here e:\attrib -a -s -h abc

Note : While setting this attributes to a specific folder you should remember the folder name.


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