Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Schedule Email in Gmail

Posted by Sharath

Scheduling an email is something everyone thinks about having at some point of time. Wishing your closed ones on various occasions (birthdays, anniversaries) or sending reminders to your business partners, colleagues, is always delightful.

Boomerang is a plugin that fits beautifully into the default Gmail UI.  All you have to do is select the Boomerang tool and tell Boomerang when you need to see the message again as a reminder.
Scheduling Emails in Gmail: You can schedule your message to be sent at a destined Date & time, and don’t worry about time zones, it knows yours and others too.

     You can set your schedules and then synchronize when you’re back on an Internet connection. Its automatic.It uses OAuth to request permission in advance for sending emails using your gmail account. Still if you’re worried about security, Boomerang is very open about stating it:

       Like most other Gmail plugins, we need access to the full email data to be able to move and send messages. In our queries, we only store the headers of the message (subject, sender, time) so that we can uniquely ID the message you want to schedule. We don’t store any message text.

       Boomerang is currently is Beta, and is available on invite basis as  addons/extensions for Popular browsers: Chrome, Firefox 3.6+.

Courtesy: http://www.taranfx.com/


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