Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tired by manually typing exact path in the command line ? Here the solution.

Posted by Sharath
Hello friends... the exclusive tip for those who are tired by manually typing the exact path in the command line when there is a lot of folder structure involved.... Here the simple process to work out easily....

When the folder structure is like \a\b\c\d\e\f...\k\FILE... the whole folder structure we must enter or we need to copy the folder structure from address bar and we need to place into the command prompt.. but here is the simple step...

Follow the steps:

- Go through Start -> Accessories -> select "Command Prompt"
- Right click on "Command Prompt" -clcik on "Properties"
- Click on "Find Target"
- It will display a "cmd.exe" file - "Copy" this file onto the "Desktop".

or simply go to <<Windows Installed Directory>>\Windows\system32 and the find the cmd.exe file and copy the file onto the "Desktop".

Whenever you need to go to the exact path in the command prompt.. you just paste the "cmd.exe" file into the required folder then double click it.. "IT WILL OPEN WITH THE CURRENT PATH:"

Simple isn't it ?


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