Friday, October 15, 2010

How to create ur own icons...

Posted by Kyadari Venkat Ram
To create ur own icons follow the steps

Step 1: Go to the site to download the software click here to download
Step 2: After downloading the software install it and open it
Step3: It opens with the menus like...menu bar, color bar, tool bar
Step4: Explore all your images in the explore window
Step5: double click on your favorite image it will open in new window
Step6: There u can add effects to the image
Step7: To create image go to icon menu and click create windows icon from image
Step8: there u can select image size according to your requirement like 16x16,24x24,... etc
Step9: Ur icon created
Step10: You can create icons for any like MyComputer, MyDocuments....etc...


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