Friday, October 8, 2010

Interesting URLs - for better use of Internet Search

Posted by Sharath
What are the famous search engines ?

Mostly answer among these 4

Is there any special search engines - Yes here I listed some urls. ( Please click on the Name of the Search engine site - it will redirect you to that site)

Do you want to search for the information in respective search boxes for various kinds of categories ?

Then go for

"DeepWeb" :

     Deep Web Technologies redefines the federated search market with our powerful, flexible search solution, Explorit Research Accelerator. Organizations that use Explorit enjoy a custom solution that fits the specific needs of their end users, so searches are not only efficient, they're complete.

"Yippy" - Not only just search engine! It will you give more....

     We can search, play the games, can connect to social networks, can send e-mails, greetings, status updates,calculator,calendar,dictionary... wat not.. All in one place. Go for it.

"WebCrawler" - The web's top search engines spun together!

Some more cool search engines - 

Lycos  - For latest information.

*source eenadu.net


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