Monday, October 4, 2010

Taj Mahal: Was it a Vedic Temple? The Photographic Evidence

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This Site will prove that Taj Mahal is a Vedic Temple... - Evidences by "Stephen-Knapp"...

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The point of this presentation is that we have all heard how the Taj Mahal, which is considered one of the great wonders of the world, was built as the preeminent expression of a man's love for a wife. That it was built by emperor Shah Jahan in commemoration of his wife Mumtaz. However, is this a true story? So, in our continuous effort to get to the truth, we have acquired some very important documents and information. Regardless of what anyone thinks, there is some thoughtful information that indicates that the Taj Mahal was never built by Shah Jahan. Some say the Taj Mahal pre-dates Shah Jahan by several centuries and was originally built as a Hindu or Vedic temple/palace complex, and that Shah Jahan merely acquired it from its previous owner, the Hindu King Jai Singh. This is not unlike the many other buildings that were acquired by the Muslim invaders to be used for their own purposes. The point to consider is how much more of India's history has been distorted if the background of such a grand building is so inaccurate.

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 *source: www.stephen-knapp.com & google

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  1. The whole world has been fooled for more than 300 Years!