Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Can you create "CON" named folder on windows os....? You Can...

Posted by Sharath
Hello Friends...

You may heard / tried that ... you cannot create "con" folder name on any path of the windows os. But here in someways we can create con folder. Actually why we cannot create con folder directly is still question mark for microsoft.

- Jus go to command prompt :
Type as follow

<<General Path>>\md \\.\D:\con

it will create con folder in "D:".
  (md or mkdir both commands work as same)

- In another way of creating con....
Just rename an existing folder name.... while renaming jus follow the below process.

    Rename an existing folder or make a new folder and press alt key and hold now press 255 355 367 and 366 for every number(i.e. after 255, 355, 367...) release the alt key once.......

It will create con folder.

Thank you


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