Monday, November 1, 2010

Send anonymous sms using 160by2.com

Posted by Naresh
Here is a nice hack with 160by2.com to send messages with a fake identity..
1.Install firebug  add on in Mozilla
2.Open 160by2.com
3.Enter fake mobile number and fake email. Existing can also be entered.
4.Click on register
It will take you to another page where you can invite your friends to 160by2.com
5.Enable firebug
6.Remove the text box property "Disabled" for the textarea where we have invitation message(Search id="txt_msg")
7.Now you can type custom message and send it to anyone.
The message will be delivered as if it is sent from Original mobile using 160by2.com

There are limit for the messages you send. Once registered its not possible to send the message from the same number.

Naresh Yadav


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