Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Filtering Even or Odd rows in the Excel Sheet ?

Posted by Sharath
Hello Guys ..... Here is the excel tip for my blog readers from Chandoo's blog which is excellent place for learning excel and charting. ( Specially CA / Accounting / Technical Writers it will very useful)

Here is the process to check how we can filter the only Odd or Even rows from the bulk excel data..

This trick exclusively from the blog Chandoo.org - Learn Excel it will very helpful for the technical leads and those who do the accounting work a lot.. Thank you Chandoo.org. Please visit this blog for more more excel tips - Go for it.

Here is procedure.

If you want to filter odd or even rows only in a list of values,

Assuming your data looks like this:

Steps to follow : 
  1. Add an extra column at the end of your data.
  2. Type =ISEVEN(B3) to test whether the number in B3 is even or odd.
  3. Drag the formula to fill the entire range.
  4. Now filter either TRUE or FALSE values.
  5. That is all. You have filtered even or odd rows.

Thank You :) Will post more tricks soon.

*Source : -chandoo.org


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