Sunday, January 30, 2011

Spoken English - Phrases - 2

Posted by Sharath

Meaning : The "turnout" to an event means the number of people that come to it.

Eg : Are you coming tonight? We're expecting a decent turnout.

Meaning : Remove an item's most attractive qualities.

Meaning : Carry off the honours. 

Eg :  "That's three goals he's missed in one game. If that don't take the cake..."

Meaning ; To excite or enthuse

Eg : Curb him [a horse], talk Yankee to him, and get his ginger up.

Meaning : "Going on a rampage" means to get really angry, make a lot of noise, and cause problems

Eg : Police say that Jones, age 42, went on a shooting rampage at a local shopping mall, injuring 12.

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* Source : PhraseMix.com


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