Friday, January 21, 2011

Spoken English - Phrases

Posted by Sharath
Hi Friends I will share some of the phrases which I have collected this week and those will help your conversation very attractive and effective.

- Know Somebody's Onions :

Meaning - somebody is an expert in something.

Eg : I know about Rama , He really knows his onions.

- A go-getter :

Meaning - Very energetic to done the work

Eg : Rama is a real go-getter. I wouldn’t be too surprised if he becomes a great actor.

- Off the top of my head -

Meaning - you are sending a signal to the listener that you are giving approximate information that you believe to be close to reality

Eg : Off the top of my head, I think it will take 3 working days to find out.

- Be on pins & needles - 

Meaning -  To be very nervous about something happening

Eg : My friend rama always used to be on pins and needles at his work place.

- He ended up as the dark horse -

Meaning - Not to believe the info or when you heard a surprising news

Eg : The news certainly took me by surprize that India has ended up as the dark house in the finals.

- Beyond the pale  - 

Meaning : Unacceptable; outside agreed standards of decency.

Eg : Rama, who has placed himself beyond the pale of society, by his most audacious, disgraceful, and abominable public conduct.

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