Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How to hide text files into an Image file. ?

Posted by Sharath
Dear bloggers,

Today I have learnt a new trick and I want to share it with you guys, which deals with hiding of the text files into an image file. It will very useful when we are transferring, confidential data hiding scenarios (like passwords storing into a file and it should be store confidential using this method.)

The steps for this approach as simple as follows:

Step 1 : Gather all the text files(any format, preferably text files only) and an Image file (.jpg)
Step 2 : select all the text files which you want to hide and make a .zip file of it.
Step 3 : open 'Command Prompt' (Win Button + R and type cmd)
Step 4 : go to the place where you kept all the files and image. i.e. if you placed all the files into D:\test folder
             then go to to this folder path in command prompt window.
Step 5 : now just type the below command with your file names and press enter

<<Your Folder Path>>/copy  /b <<Your image file name.jpg>> + <<Your zip file name>> <<Your image file name.jpg>>     Enter

For Example  in d:\test folder , image name is image001.jpg and the zip file name is compressed.zip then the above command should like below

D:\test>copy /b image001.jpg + compressed.zip image001.jpg

Step 6 : That's it you are done.

Now to see the files which are hidden in that image file...
Step 7 : Just right click on the image and open it with zip file extractor software such as winzip / winrar etc. You can able to see all the files.

1) It has been worked on windows xp and not sure about windows vista / windows 7 please let me know if anyone done in them.
2) If you hide the image file into another image then it will be hide and it should not show under zip file lists, rather it shows when you lauch the file with image viewer such as "Windows Fax Viewer", when you click on next button it shows the hidden image.

Thanks all :)



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