Friday, September 16, 2011

New Feature on Facebook Subscribe

Posted by Sharath
Hello Friends,

Facebook just launched a new feature for its world wide huge users, named it as "Subscribe".

The usage of this feature:

"It allows your non-friends to follow or subscribe to your updates, be it photos, status, or shared links".Well, the new subscribe feature can be clearly seen as an advantage over public pages since by letting your non-friends subscribe to your updates, you don’t really need an individual public page on Facebook for posting updates related to your work. 
                                 This way, a single profile on Facebook serves the purpose of both- your Facebook profile page and your Facebook public page. Whenever someone hits the Subscribe button on your profile, he/she automatically gets subscribed to receive your updates. Also, non-friends or let us call them subscribers can even comment on your updates if you grant them the permissions. You can select the updates you want to subscribe to by hitting the Subscribe button which is not automatically present on each profile now. If you want to display Subscribe button on your profile, you will need to enable it. 

How to enable it:

Click on this link : To Enable "Subscribe" option for your profile (Login with your credentials).


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