Friday, September 16, 2011

Read Receipts for GMail or YMail

Posted by Sharath
Hello Friends,

Today I came to know that even for gmail / ymail users can also keep "Read Receipts" option via a third party application. How ever this "Read Receipts" option was just introduced on Google App Server for groups in the month of July. But for regular gmail users we can know the "Read Receipts" via this third party application "SpyPig".

About SpyPig :

SpyPig is a free email tracking tool that notifies you as soon as your recipient opens your email message.

SpyPig is dedicated to all those paranoid individuals out there who can't stand wondering all day if their VIE (Very Important Email) has been read or not.

I hope this little email tracking tool will help you gain some of your sanity back.

Enjoy SpyPig, and be nice to others!

Source : spypig.com 
Please make use this application spypig in a positive way. Big Thanks 


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