Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Send SMS to your mobile from your OUTLOOK

Posted by Sharath

Now you can send SMS to any Mobile from your Outlook for free.

The procedure is same like sending an email to your contacts, instead of their email id we need to enter their mobile no and instead of @gmail.com/@yahoo.com/@hotmail.com blah blah we need to mention @nma.vodafone.in

For Example:  [email protected]

This is applicable to all service providers but do not change mail extn. "@nma.vodafone.in" is common for any mobile. Even if you are sending to Vodafone/airtel/bsnl or any other network etc etc…

But it will take some time (approx 5to10mins)! 

This is just to informing you that we can use outlook for mobile messaging also. However, this nma.vodafone.in will obviously stores your number. So it is up to you to use this service. 


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