Monday, May 21, 2012

Some Interesting Phrases Part - II

Posted by Sharath

1. “I'm still on the fence.”

You're trying to decide whether to take a new job or stay at your current job. Someone asks you what you're going to do.

                                           I'm still on the fence.

2. “Ooh, my leg's asleep.” 

You've been watching a movie while laying on your sofa in a strange position. Now your leg feels strange and it's hard to move it. You say this to your girlfriend.
                                          Ooh, my leg's asleep.

 3. “I'm sorry if you felt excluded or ignored, but it's not my job to babysit you.”

You met a group of old college friends for dinner. Your boyfriend came too, but he seemed upset because no one was talking to him. Now you're riding home, and you're angry that he got upset.
                 I'm sorry if you felt excluded or ignored, but it's not my job to babysit you.

4.  “Uhh... I'm blanking on her name.”

You're talking to the mother of one of the other children at your child's daycare. You want to tell her something about the head teacher at the daycare, but you can't remember the head teacher's name.
                                     Uhh... I'm blanking on her name.

5. “I just caught the tail end of it.” 

Your favorite soccer team played yesterday. You weren't able to watch most of the game, but saw the last few minutes. Now a coworker is asking you if you saw it. This is your answer.
                                     I just caught the tail end of it.

6.   Take a hike.” 

You're asking about your friend, where he is. Your friend is telling like this, "he wanted me to bear the return fare, I told him to take a hike. In other words it is like saying get out.

7. Make a song and dance.”

To create a scene. to complain too much or talk unnecessarily.

8. Take a rain check on something.”

Your'e invited for one of your friends' marriage, but at the same time you were engaged with some other important work. So you can softly tell this phrase like 

                                         Can I take a rain check on this.

*Courtesy: http://www.PhraseMix.com


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