Thursday, December 27, 2012

This Blog is Moved to New Domain - Hurraayyyy!

Posted by Sharath
Hello Friends,

Here is a good news....

Till now the blogger name is Abreastu.blogspot.in is now redirecting to 'Shareinfo.co.in'

Here i am explaining the speciality of this domain name and why I have chosen this domain name.

- www.shareinfo.co.in - If you observe First four letters SHAR means my nick name.. Sharath.
- the next following letter stands for 'E' means Electronical..
- the next four letters Stands for 'INFO' means Information...
- The overall is Share Info ...and 'Sharath Electronical Information - Sharing Electronically the Information Which I know' -- The motto of the blog is 'The More You Share - The More You Gain!'

Please keep continue the same blessings on me for moving this domain to a super special place for learning the Latest information.

Keep Abreast!

Soon will update the Logo Work :)

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