Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Compare 2 Excel Files using View

Posted by Sharath
Lets say we have 2 files – this_month.xls and last_month.xls both with our employee productivity data. We want to see both of them together to understand which employees did better in both months. Like this:

How to do : 

  1. Open both files
  2. Go to View ribbon
  3. Turn on “View side by side” mode.
  4. If promoted, select the other file.
Sometimes, we may have 2 sheets, say this_month last_month in the workbook and we want to compare both. Like this:

For same excel sheet - different sheets comparison..
  1. Open the file
  2. Go to View ribbon
  3. Click on new window. This opens the same file in one more Excel window.
  4. Enable View side by side mode.
  5. Select sheet 1 in first window, sheet 2 in second window.

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