Monday, January 28, 2013

Facebook Amazing Chat Smileys - Your FB Pics also as Smileys

Posted by Sharath
You know you can put your fb pic as smiley and send it to your friends

There is a simple way to do this

Just you need to copy the "fbid=XXXXXXXXXX" of a pic into [[<<XXXXXXXX>>]]


Let me explain with an example :

Just observe the Red highlighted box in the below image and copy the ID into [[]]

Like [[4573935744871]]

If it is not working ....Try this 

Open your Profile page and copy your user id into [[]]

Confused - See the below pic 

So totally [[shar939]] type in your chat box with your friend and enter..and SEE!!

Bonus Tip: 

You can do like this also 

[[facebook]] it will load Facebook Icon 

[[Microsoft]] it will load Microsoft Icon 

[[windows]] it will load Window Icon 

youtube, google, gmail and wikipedia also create respective Icon as an Emoticons

I know this is an old trick...I recently came to know about this and thought of sharing! I know you will also share!  Because Sharing is Gaining!


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