Thursday, August 8, 2013

Google Search Tips - Unknown Google Search Options

Posted by Sharath
Hello All, 

Here are a few new (some are old) Google Search Options! 

1) Type Time and Place name - Click Search - It will display the Current Time in that city (In a widget form) 

Time [Location]

Example : Time Hyderabad 

2) To know the sunrise / sunset details in particular location 

Sunrise/Sunset [Location]

Example: Type Sunrise Hyderabad or Sunset Hyderabad

It will display the respective details of  that particular location.

3) To know about the population in particular location 

Type Population [Location] 

Example: population hyderabad   (As far my understandings it will work for major cities) 

4) To translate simply 

Type: “translate [words] [language]“.

Example: translate how are you hindi

5) Use google search as your Timer. 

Type set timer for 10 minutes

It will show the clock in a widget form

6) To know weather in particular location 

Weather [Location] 

Example: Weather Hyderabad  [it will display in beautiful widget form with all week weather details] 

7) To display all the search results of from a same domain (filter by domain name) 

Type: “related:[domain]“. Example: “related: doregama.in”
Type “site:[domain]“. Example: “site: doregama.in”

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