Monday, September 30, 2013

Eclipse IDE Short Cuts

Posted by Sharath
Hi All, 

You might know some of the below listed short cut keys - comment if you know any other important that reduces the developer time! :) 

CTRL + D  Delete row. Try it! 

ALT + Up/Down Arrow Move the row (or the entire selection) up or down. 

CTRL+SHIFT+O Organize imports. What happens when you first use a class you have not yet imported? You will see an error. But when you press this magical combination, all your missing classes will be imported, and the unused imports will vanish.

CTRL+E  Shows you a list of all open editors.

CTRL+F6  Use to move between open editors.

CTRL + M Maximize or umaximize current tab.

CTRL + I  Corrects indentation.

CTRL + SHIFT + F Formats code. You can make a beautiful looking code out of a mess with this. It requires a bit of setup, but it is well worth it. 

CTRL + DELETE Delete next word

CTRL + BACKSPACE Delete previous word

SHIFT + CTRL + ENTER Enter line above current line

SHIFT + CTRL + Y Change selection to all lower case

SHIFT + CTRL + X Change selection to all upper case

CTRL + / Comment / uncomment line or selection ( adds '//' )

CTRL + SHIFT + /   Add Block Comment around selection ( adds '/... */' )



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