Monday, November 18, 2013


Posted by Sharath
A group of friends visited their old university professor. Conversation soon turned to complaints about 'STRESS' & 'TENSION' in life.

Professor offered them coffee & returned from kitchen with coffee in different kinds of cups (glass cups, crystal cups, shining ones, some plain looking, some ordinary n some expensive ones.

When all of them had a cup in hand, the professor said:.

"If U noticed, all the nice looking & expensive cups are taken up, leavng-behind the ordinary ones. Everyone of U wanted the best CUPS, & that is the source of Ur STRESS & TENSION.

What U really wanted was "coffee", not the "cup", but U still went for the best cup. If life is coffee,
then jobs,money ,status & love etc are the cups. They are just TOOLS to hold and contain life

Don't let the CUPS drive U.

Enjoy the COFFEE..


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