Sunday, December 15, 2013

New English Phrases

Posted by Sharath
Hi All, 

Here I am sharing my recent english phrases. 

1) To say uncle - to accept defeat 
P1: Don't Worry about failures, Failures are steppings stones to success. 
p2: Thank you. My failure has taught me a lot. Just because of I failed once, I am not going to say uncle 

Example Scenario : Your brother-in-law is a well-known artist who has an art show going on in a gallery now. You're telling a coworker about him. But you don't know much about art, so you say:

That world seems so foreign to me.

3) Handbag Somebody - Keenly observe someone 
P1: You never do anything right, much less on time, your are incorrigible 
P2: Don't handbag me - Are you my boss? 

4) You've just read the news that the famous CEO of a large company is going to resign. You respect him, as do many other people, so you write in the comment section of the new website:

His resignation definitely marks the end of an era for Ample.

5) One of your employees looks sick. You ask her why she came to work, and she says that she has a lot of work to do. You'd rather she go home so that she doesn't make other people sick. You say:

If you're feeling under the weather, by all means go home and get some rest.

6) Shoot A Line -  show off   
Person1- He says that the house he bought was very spacious and beautiful 
Person2- That's shooting a line , it was pretty but not spacious! 

More soon!....

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