Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Some Interesting English Phrases PART 2

Posted by Sharath Chandra
Here I am publishing interesting English Phrases along with an examples. These are edited from the Famous Telugu News Daily - Eenadu by Shri M Suresan 

4) Run to / go to seed: Become neglected. 

Person 1: such a massive building it is! nobody to take care of it? does no one live in it ? 
Person 2:  It has seen better days, of course. The owner has lost all his money is business, so it is running/going to seed. 

5) Run somebody ragged - Keep someone very busy. 

Person 1: I have something serious to discuss with you. Shall I meet you at your office. 
Person 2: In my office? No I won't have even a min to talk to you there our tax collection season is as and it is running us ragged. 

6) Try one's wings - To do something one has been qualified to do recently 

Person 1: Has your sister completed her fashion designer course? 
Person 2: She has and that what is troubling me. She wants to try her wings on an expensive dress material which I have bought.