Monday, January 19, 2015

Some Interesting English Phrases PART 8

Posted by Sharath
Here I am publishing interesting English Phrases along with an examples. These are edited from the Famous Telugu News Daily - Eenadu by Shri M Suresan 

20) Make Money hand over fist - Make money very fast! 
P1: How come his uncle has built such building in a just a few years ago, he had a hand to mouth existence [not enough for basic living standards]?. 
P2: His boss died last year, leaving his buisness to him. Since then he has been making money hand over fist. 

21) Land on one's feet - Recover satisfactorily from a difficult situation
P1: How are you doing at your studies?
P2: My 1st year was terrible since I had to get used to the new place and system, but later, that is during my 2nd yr I landed on my feet. 

22) The name of the game - Goal or purpose [ The context of the subject] 
P1: We welcome you to the company as its employee.
P2: What are my duties/
P1: Whatever the duties, the name of the game is Sell Sell Sell. 


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