Saturday, July 25, 2015

Some Interesting English Phrases PART 10

Posted by Sharath Chandra
Here I am publishing interesting English Phrases along with an examples. These are edited from the Famous Telugu News Daily - Eenadu by Shri M Suresan 

26) Kiss up to somebody = Get the favor of a person in power by pleasing them
P1: Our friend Sharath has long been in the company. He is in the same position for a long time. The position is good, of course. But he could get a better position, couldn't he?  
P2: He could, of course. But you know he is quite independent. He does not want to kiss up to those in power just for the sake of promotions. He is contented with what he has and what he gets. 

27) That's a new one on me = Don't believe anything. 
P1: That he stood first in the exam is a new one on his dad. 

28) Pack them in = to attract a lot of people. 
P1: Gabbar singh had a good run. It did really pack them in. 

29) Playing into somebody's hands = dong exactly what somebody (usually for their selfish purposes) want you to do. 
P1: What a nice plan you had ? Did you put the money in your desk? 

P2: Yes I did. The fool Vimal played into my hands by taking the money. I caught him red handed.

30) Butter would not melt in somebody's mouth = Someone who appears / pretends to be sincere and helpful but is not really so. 

P1: You are a fool to trust him, butter would not melt in his mouth. 

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