Monday, September 28, 2015

Indian Currency Facts - What is the picture behind Indian Currency Notes ?

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Have you ever thought of what are the picture names which RBI used behind the Indian Currency Notes? 

Here are some details - (Correct me if I am wrong) 

One Rupee Note : (though not in circulation as of now) : Oil rig -To show the  progress through industrial development - 

Two Rupee Note : (though not in circulation as of now)  : Aryabhatta satellite in space To show the progress through science & technology
[A bit older 2 rupee note was used the picture of Royal Bengal Tiger]

Five Rupee Note: Farm mechanization (Tractor)- to show the progress through agriculture

10 Rupee Note : Fauna of India - Symbolizes Biodiversity - Contains Rhinoceros, elephant, tiger 

20 Rupee Note : Palm trees - Mount Harriet and Port Blair lighthouse as viewed from Megapode Resort, Port Blair  [A old version of the same 20 rupee note was containing Konark Wheel] 

50 Rupee Note :  Indian Parliament 

100 Rupee Note : Himalayas - Claimed to be Mt. Kanchenjunga

500 Rupee Note : Dandi March - Salt Satyagraha

1000 Rupee Note : Indian Economy - To show the progress of Agricultural, Oil, Electricity ..etc

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