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Mahabharath Unknown Facts - Part 1

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I wanted to share some of the unknown facts - these data I collected from the Book 'Jaya' - by Devdutt Pattanaik - For detailed information please buy this book - Wonderful book to know the entire Mahabharath with so many interesting facts. Buy Here JAYA by Devdutt Pattnaik - In one word I can say this one of the best books I have ever read so far. 


  • Kansas Younger Sister Devaki married Kunti's elder brother Vasudeva - so Krishna's maternal mother in law is Kunti - thus Pandavas were Krishna's Cousins. 
  • Draupadi was to be exclusive to one brother for a year at a time, Once the year is over he must let her go to other brothers and return to her only four years after -breaking this rule - they should go to Exile for one year. 

  • Pandavas saved Duryodhana in one of the battles during Exile stage - then Krishna advises Duryodana to repay this debt by giving him five golden arrows from Bhishma - which has the power to kill the five Pandavas. 
  • During Kurukshetra War 9th day after sunset Pandavas were advised to give Balidan(sacrifise) to goddess Durga - some sages suggested those who has 32 birth marks in some places - they should give their life to Goddess - in entire Pandavas clan only three such people found  
    •  Krishna
    •  Arjuna 
    •  Iravan                                                                                           then Arjuna inquired who he is - he says his son and her mother name Ulupi. [She is from the Nagalok] 
    • But Iravan had one last wish that he should marry and that lady should wipe like anything for him - as it was only one night no one agreed and finally Krishna himself took a Female Avatar Mohini and married him and pleased him over night and after Iravan's sacrifice Mohini cried like anything.    
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