Friday, June 24, 2016

Moving to Krakow from India - Things To Do

Posted by Sharath
In my previous post I have mentioned about the VISA and WorkPermit process. You can check that post here.

Before Travel: 

         Once you are ready with the VISA Stamping - you should be ready with the following things. Before moving to the main content - as per my knowledge there are not that much strict custom checking for the things you are carrying. (This might be vary due to the security instructions based on the requirements) 

You can carry (please do not carry any dangerous items - that is as usual saying!) 
  • All Indian Grocery in limited weight. 
  • You can carry Sub-Zero Jackets if your travel is during winter (Oct-Feb). This you can buy in Decathlon Showrooms in India. 
  • Kitchen utensils not required that much as here most of the crockery will be provided by the owner (in most of the times) 
  • Carry many T-Shirts - because you can use them as layers if you are travelling during winter. 
  • If you are having any prepaid SIMs or Postpaid SIMs do all the necessary things before moving. As it will be difficult or expensive. For OTPs you can carry the SIMs but don't use them for calling to India. You can use Internet as here most of the Public Zone or Restaurants will be provided free WiFi.


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