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Poland Work Permit and VISA Information for Indians

Posted by Sharath
Here I want to share my experience about before I was moving to Krakow, Poland. Before that I should tell that I am from Hyderabad, South India working for an MNC from past 7 years.


Initiation of the VISA: 

If you are an IT employee then most of this process will be taken care by Organization. Only thing you have to be ready with all the documents. In case if you are married and planning to move along with family - then in that case 
  • For spouse (wife/husband) you need to be ready with Marriage Certificate that should be LEGALIZED. You can google how to get it done or else you can contact us we will provide the details (only details - no processing!) 
  • For your children 'Birth Certificate' should be legalized. 
  • These documents should be ready before you are appearing for Visa Stamping. 

         After a few weeks you will be issued with Work Permit if everything goes well - generally it would be valid for 3 years from the date of issue. This document is the main requirement for the Stamping at Embassy.

         After Work Permit in hand and in case if you are planning to move along with family - then you should also be ready with Legalized certificates. Visit the Poland Embassy Mumbai / Delhi websites and book a slot. 

         Generally it will be fully occupied so for safe side you can book in advance by estimating the Work Permit arrival date. Otherwise you can email / call the Embassy by mentioning the urgency of the Visa Stamping process and you can prepone the visa slot. 

VISA Stamping:

        During the Visa Stamping you can be ready with all the documents in order and visit the consulate and provide all the document copies - Originals should be carried for cross verification. They will issue one token and you can leave (probably you may have an interview stating with the importance of your work visit to their country). 

Within a few days (approx 5-10 days) they will update the Stamping status in their portal and they will return or dispatch the Passport. 

For details on the documentation you can contact us at the below address. (See the footer) 

In next post I will explain the before travel and after reached what to do. 

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Please note that these are my personal experience and I hope this will be helpful for someone since there is not much information is provided in the internet. 

Please share because in Knowledge 
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  1. I've heard that Poland has been the newest member of the US visa waiver program. Surely that is a great news for all of the citizen of Poland. Now traveling in the US can be very convenient and easier.