Saturday, July 30, 2016

Top 10 Must Needed Apps for Android Phones

Posted by Sharath
Dear Friends, 

Today I want to tell my top 10 android apps that will be very helpful for day to day activities. Its completely my opinion - you may add your comments and let us know more details on the App. 

I am currently using Android M (Marshmallow; 6) version installed in my OPO (One Plus One) phone. These apps are important in various categories (of course those must have apps like Facebook, whatsapp, skype, instagram are not mentioned here!) 

Category: Day to Day Activities : 

1. Keep : This app from Google (So you can stay safe about security) - you can add all the To-Do things along with Timers. Once done you can strike out - its generally very useful for Reminders etc. (Sply I will use it for Bill Payment Reminders to avoid the penalty charges!) 

2. Fit & Moves : This Fit is also from Google (So you can stay safe) and Moves from Facebook - you can give authorization from your facebook account. This Fit app - you can customize how much you need a daily activity - and in Moves it will calculate all your moves from time to time (if you walk more than 30s it will be counted along with location - for this you no need to turn on the Internet - I tried this many times) 

3. Quora: World's no1 app for Questions and Answers. This is another must have app for day to day learning. When ever you get some time open this app and read a few questions and you will get to know more information and make sure you upvote them so that you can re-visit them whenever you want to check on that. 

Category: Foreigners Spl  

4. XE Currency & TransferWise : By this time who are living outside India - they might know this app - but I am just introducing these apps - as it saves some money than other forex methods. You can customize the XE currency for rate alerts and in TransferWise you can send the money to India from any part of the World (as it supports almost all currencies) at the cheaper prices. This app from Skype team so you can stay safe for secure. 

5. Translate : This app is very useful if you are living in Non-English country specially European countries and you can easily photo scan and get it convert to the English. Don't forget to download the required languages offline usage so that you can use anytime by not depending on the Internet.  

6. City's Travel Guide / Tram / Train Route Info details related one. Its very useful if you have travel guide for public transport. 

Category: Games / Other purposes

7. Taboo & Wordament : These are kind of games and besides it teaches some English words.  

8. Pixlr: Its one of the best photo editors for phone as far as I know. It has so many features including photo cropping, photo tools, collage maker etc.. Must have app. 

9. Mobikwik : Why i specially mentioned about this Mobile Wallet / Mobile Recharge app is it has the feature to convert your PayBack points to money. Like the no other app does the same (as far as I know) - generally the ICICI bank customers are defaulted to have PayBack with their ICICI account and they don't know what to do with their payback points - so they might get lapsed without having benefit - so if you install this app - automatically the PayBack card registered on your number will be synced to this App and you can convert every 4 points as 1 Rupee. Enjoy. 

10. AppLock : The name itself says - its an application lock - to lock all major or important apps. You might move some pictures to Vault also using this app. 

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