Thursday, August 25, 2016

16 Different Uses of Windows Calculator

Posted by Sharath
Dear Friends,

Have you ever explored these 16 extremely well built in features inside a small Windows 10 calculator!! It's a one run call way 'Windows + R' and type calc

4 Different types of Calculator 

1. Standard Calculator

Normal and regularly you will use this! for some people this is the only use of Calculator! 


2. Scientific Calculator 

As the world wondering about when we will use the trigonometry in the regular life - but windows did not leave this as well! But this will be useful for some of the square options! 


3. Programmer Calculator 

Being a programmer have you ever heard about this feature in the Calculator ?!! You can see Binary, Hexa, Decimal, Octogon format on the one go!! 


Bonus: If you maximize, you can go for the amazing feature of Binary. 


4. Date Calculation 

Oh all the life I have launched this on google's dataandtime calculation when it is one click away from my WINDOWS!! 


12 Different types of Converters

5.  Volume 

It's one of the coolest features in the windows calculator. Have you ever tried or thought off to convert 1ltr is equal to how many tea spoons!!! Here calculator does!! There are so many other volume metrics conversions also. And also it has the visualizations like Coffee cups, Bath Tubs, Swimming Pools! 


6.  Length 

It's similar to other length calculations. It will be having various  visualizations like paper clips, hand, jumbo jets etc. 


7. Weight and Mass 

It's similar to other mass calculations and contains visualizations like Soccer Balls, Elephants! 


8. Temperature 

It's similar to other temperature calculations.


9. Energy 

Some of the unknown (for some people) energy calculations. Visualizations like Batteries. 

10. Area 

It has some cool features - for some of the conversions it illustrates with Soccer field, Castles etc. 


11. Speed 

It shows for some of the conversions with the Horse speed or Turtle and Jets!! 


12. Time 

Regular time conversions. 

13. Power 

Power conversions - it visualizes with horse power / light bulbs.


14. Data 

In computer science you might need this regularly. Visualizations like number of DVDs. 


15. Pressure 

Regular pressure conversions. 


16. Angle 

Regular Angle Conversions. 


Bonus Feature : 

If you maximize the calculator you can see many other features that I might not cover here. For example you can store the previous numbers etc. 

I hope you might know most of these features but I wanted to guide the people who might not know these amazing features of Windows Calculator.

I hope you enjoyed by reading this article - please share with your friends. Only one thing I observed in calculator the currency conversions are not there! But that is deals with regular currency or Forex exchange rates to calculate exactly! 

Please share with your friends because in knowledge 
Sharing is Gaining 


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