Thursday, August 18, 2016

How to make money from your Payback Card ?

Posted by Sharath

Are you worried about the points that you are losing against your Payback Card ? 

Here is one of the ways to convert your Payback Points to Money! Follow the basic simple steps mentioned below and your wallet will be loaded with the Money at below mentioned prices! 

1 Payback Point = .25 Paise 
i.e. 4 Payback Point = 1 Rupee 

if you have 2000Payback points means you have 500 Rupees! Sometimes you dont know that your points are going to expire as you might not track them. So better hurry up. 

Step 1: 
Install Mobikwik App on your mobile (if already installed you are ready to go!) Note: it would be always good if you install this app on the registered mobile number with Payback!. 

Step 2: 
Create an account with Mobikwik (its simple) if already there - login to that. Note: Same link this account to same registered mobile number as Payback Card. So it will sync automatically. 

Step 3: 
Once all set - go to My Account / My Wallet - select Redeem Points option. If everything sync (or once created account wait for 24-48hrs to sync these accounts) you can see the automatically the synced Payback Card. 

Step 4: 
Click on that Payback option and if you click on the further options provided and you are done. For every 4 PB points you will get 1INR. 

Step 5: 
These money you can use for shopping on Mobikwik so you can recharge your mobile phones or pay utility bills. 


1) This program is officially mentioned in Payback site - click here to read the full instructions. 

2) This is one of the ways to make money using payback - otherwise you can buy products from the Payback site directly. Its one's wish to decide. 

3) The above logos are used here to explain the brand values and illustration purpose and its easy to identify them but nothing for else purpose. If any one has objections please let us know we will remove them immediately. (mail us at catchsharATgamilDOTcom) 

4) You might can do this with your multiple payback cards. 

5) We at ShareInfo is not responsible for any of the misuse / money not credited. Our purpose is just to guide the people to know the way to make money from the Reward points. 

Please share this information because in knowledge 
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