Friday, August 19, 2016

Krakow Guide For Foreigners

Posted by Sharath
In previous posts you have read about the instructions for Poland Work Permit and Visa process and before travelling to Krakow (Poland). Now here I am trying to explain what and all you have to do after reaching Poland - specially in Krakow, Poland. 


At Airport:

  • If you are reaching in Krakow during Oct-Mar period then you should wear all your Jackets/Gloves on your body - Of course if you are not shifting during winter also - if you wear them you can get more space in your luggage. Hope you got it.
  • In Airport you can exchange the currency as Poland's currency is Zloty. Outside so many places you will see exchange counters named as 'Kantors'
  • Outside Airport you will get the Airport Taxi and they are very good and they charge approx 25Euros to the City. (You can pay euros/dollars as well if you have multi-currency card) 

Food Options: 
  • If you are non-vegetarian then you have a lot of options and no doubt you can try many varieties. 
  • If you are Vegetarian - then here some problem, mostly you have to restrict your food at home only. But a few restaurants offer only one option for Veggies (specially pizza restaurants). 

Super Markets: 
  • All over Krakow city is having many shopping malls, various super markets i.e. Tesco (British Market), Carrefour (French Market), IKEA (Furniture) Lewittan, Lidl, Castorama, Auchan (another French group), Fresh Markets - and if you are looking for Indian Spices you have to search among all these shops - mostly you will get but the most convineint option for Indian Spices is order online from - LittleIndia. You can order all the Indian items from their catalog at affordable prices / a bit higher on MRP. 

MRP System: 
  • I think in european country they wont print any MRP on their products - so you will find a huge difference between each and every super markets' prices    

  • Install Google Translate and download Offline Dictionary for Polish to English. So wherever you can see polish word - just open this app and scan that word using app's camera it will translate English. 

  • Krakow has excellent Transport System entire city with both Tramlines and Buses. For the route options you have to install this app - This is the Best App for city transport. 
  • If your going by the tram for the first time - based on the app - it will show you how much ticket you have to buy for that distance - based on that keep the change handy - and board in the 'Auto Bilet' entrance (generally if you have opted the old trams then it will be the first part of the tram will be having this machine - all new trams you can board anywhere and go to AutoBilet machine and buy a ticket) 
  • If you already bought the ticket - punch immediately after boarding. The same ticket you can use for both Tram and Bus - but make sure that you entered the correct Zone. (Mostly entire city comes under Zone 1 unless you are planning to go outside city like zoo, artificial beach.etc).  Taxi system also is an excellent and easy option to commute. 
  • Monthly Pass you can get in big bus stands like PowstancoWelipoliksh (Autobusowy) - First time they will ask for Passport and they will issue a card - generally 89zl (~21Euros) + 5zl for registration. In case if you want to renew - then you can do in any tram stations which has the machine. 

Transfer Money To India: 
  • If you are planning to transfer money to abroad - then the best option for you to try is this way - register and save a huge amount when compare to Banks. 

Banking for newbies: 
  • Most of the banks will be asking for address proof but a few banks did not ask any thing about address proof - and one among such banks are Millennium Bank  

Will add more - keep visiting. 

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