Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Moral Stories - 2 | Pebbles and Sand – Inspiring Story

Posted by Sharath

In a famous university one person was invited as Guest of Lecturer and he gave this amazing fundamental for lifetime. He stood before class with the items like a large glass jar, pebbles, stones and a small sack of sand (and these were covered with a cloth for not displaying to audience). When the class began, he picked up the large glass jar and started to fill it with the stones.

Then he turned to the students and asked if the jar was full or not and they replied it’s full.

Now this person took the pebbles (less in size) and poured them into that large jar where already it was filled with the stones (which are huge in shape). He shook the jar slightly, so the pebbles moved into the empty areas between the stones.

Again he turned to the students and asked if the jar was full or not and they replied now it’s full!

Finally this time that person took the sand from the sack and poured it into the jar and the audience observed that the sand settled in the empty space between stones and pebbles. 

This time he turned again and asked the students if the jar is full or not and they shouted NOW ITS FULLL!

Now that person began explaining the fundamental theory behind this.

“Now inherit this experiment into your life and assume this jar was you and first it was filled with the stones that you can assume as your parents, spouse, children i.e. Family, Friends, health etc.  Later we filled it with the pebbles that you can assume as job, car, house etc. and finally sand represents the all other stuffs that are very less important like luxury living, branded items etc. Here you have to observe – if you filled your jar i.e. life with the sand first then there would be no space for the stones i.e. family / friends / health etc. hence you will be end up with all your energy or savings on the small stuff that is not important one.”

So give importance to the right things at right time. Rest everything will follow you.

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