Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Access Your Own Computer From Your Mobile

Posted by Sharath
Do you want to operate your laptop or personal computer right from your Mobile?  - here is the one of the ways and it is a bit old way but I am re-sharing for you. 

Chrome Remote Desktop:

Step 1: 

If you have Chrome Browser you have to install an app called 'Chrome Remote Desktop' from its app store. You can launch this app store from your browser by typing 'chrome://apps/' and click on 'web store'. 

Step 2: 

Once the app is installed - Connect this application to your GMail id and  click on 'Launch Application' and from the down 'My Computers' - click on 'Enable remote connections' 


Step 3: 

Give a 8 PIN for security purpose.

Step 4:

This is from Laptop / Computer end. Now you have to install the same application in your Android App Store - on your mobile. 

Step 5: 

Launch the application with the same gmail id you have registered on your computer's app. 

Step 6: 

Once you enable your laptop/computer with 8 PIN - then you can see the list of available computers to login and see. Give the same PIN and you can start accessing your laptop/computer right from your Mobile. 



Step 7: 

Here is some screenshots which I have taken from my mobile. 



Step 8: 

From the Chrome Application - you can ask get the Remote Assistance from your friends also. 

Step 9: 

Don't forget to disable the connections once you have used. Later you can again enable anytime you want. 

Please share with your friends, because in Knowledge 
Sharing is Gaining 


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