Friday, September 23, 2016

Forgot To Attach While Sending E-Mail ? - Here Is The Solution From GMail

Posted by Sharath
Have you ever faced a situation like where you have mentioned in the mail saying I have attached or something like PFA etc - but forgot to attach the file ? 

Here is the in-built solution in Gmail. Try out  


In GMail - by default it will provide this feature - like whenever you mention in the mail subject saying like below wordings 

  • "I have attached",
  • "I've attached",
  • "see the attached",
  • "see the attachment" or
  • "attached file"

and if you forgot to attach and click on send button - don't worry - a pop-up will come up saying something you forgot to attach. 

Its a bit old feature of course - but still I want to share with you guys via my blog.  

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