Sunday, September 18, 2016

From Now Tweet More Within 140 Characters

Posted by Sharath
Twitter Inc, finally gave this good news for giving its users to write more within 140 characters. Earlier it was only 140 Characters be it Usernames / Attachments / URLs everything was included in that 140 character restrictions.

This had so many users annoy to express their interests in more detail.


Now from September 19th 2016(or this week) there is no restrictions like Usernames / Attachments / URLs are in this 140 character limit. Good News Isn't it? This change is doesn't completely removing the existing 140 character limit however going forward this small enhancement can attract or give more freedom for Tweeting.

So now on wards 140 = More Tweeting and you can as many as including Images/Attachments/URLs. 

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