Friday, September 2, 2016

How effectively you can use your Laptop?

Posted by Sharath
Dear Friends,

I would like to share my viewers a few effective ways to use laptop for their work. 


  • For any word meaning - I don’t copy and search it on dictionary/google - instead I will highlight that word and press ‘Ctrl+Down Arrow’ - it pops up with meaning. (via WordWeb application)
  • I have dual clocks in my right down corner (European and Indian time - so easy to get the both the times at a time) - as a programmer you need to know many other timezone - so its easy to see the time at a glance.
  • Using sticky notes for the quick notes / Phone numbers / quick URLs / extensions
  • For all the useful applications using desktop shortcut icons instead of going into that folder / start button and search for your program.
  • Customized dual keyboard (German and English) and its one shortcut away to switch them (Alt(left) + shift)
  • Using favorites in the Left pane of My Computer for easy to jump into the most using folders.
  • Created shortcuts on Desktop for often using folders
  • Bookmarks in Browser (everyone uses)
  • Use notepad as Diary (click here for more information) to note down all the important or day to day learning.
  • Using Rules from Outlook - its easy to organize all the emails flow - so you can prioritize your replies or ignore some emails/daily junk / spam.

Please share this with your friends - because in knowledge 
Sharing is Gaining 

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