Saturday, September 24, 2016

Interesting Websites - Kill Your Boredom

Posted by Sharath
Are you feeling boredom? Visit these websites for killing some time. 

1. Faces of Facebook 

How much big picture it will be if all the Facebook Person's Profile Pictures in a single picture? Have you ever imagined - Here you go this team tried to gather all the available in images in one single picture and you can figure it out yourself where you are (but it will take so much time!!!). 


2. Believe in Magic 

This is amazing website will make you confuse for a few seconds? Visit this page for playing this mind reading website. For a few seconds/minutes you will be confused and you will try again and again and then you will find out. 


3. Creepy Girl 

Isn't weird >? It is a simple static webpage and the girl's eyes will follow your mouse cursor. Just for time pass visit this page


Will Keep Add the other interesting websites - keep visiting us.

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