Thursday, September 15, 2016

Play With Google Maps - Interesting Websites

Posted by Sharath
Have you ever thought you can play with Google Maps!! Here is one of the interesting websites which is actually a game using the google maps and also you can learn something by playing this. Specifically you can learn general knowledge or places in which country. 


CLICK HERE to Visit this Website

How to Play: 

Step 1: 

Before starting the game - select the category. There are various categories as below. Select any one. 


Step 2: 

Before you starting you will be given with balance Kilo Meters (KMs) like below. 


Step 3: 

Then you will be asked by a question like below - if you solve this within the bonus time (like above shown image) you will be getting bonus kilometers. Else the distance between you pointed on the map and the correct answer's point will be deducted from the given kilometers. 

You have to point the pin based on the question's answer. 



For more such interesting websites : 

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