Wednesday, September 21, 2016

World's Largest Pixel Image - 52000MP

Posted by Sharath
Can you imagine an image with 52K Mega Pixel that means 52 Billion Pixel, and if you are thinking about Astronomical Images such as NASA, ISRO etc then you are wrong. Here we are talking about one of the finest Luxury Car Manufacturers 'Bentley' advertisement.

What is this about ? 

Bentley team came up with this 52 times extraordinary image for their brand logo and advertisement of 'Bentley Mulsanne'. They have used similar to NASA equipment to create such extent image. 

What are the details ? 

This photograph has been taken at Golden Gate Bridge, California / San Francisco.  They have taken a nice Panoramic Image of Golden Gate bridge - but if you zoom-in .. zoom-in you can see the clear Logo of 'Bentley' Stitching on passenger's headrest. You cannot zoom-in anywhere else. You can zoom this in their website only. Please check this awesome experience - 


Interesting Facts about this extraordinary image: 

  • 70 Photographers together created this image 
  • They used the equipment that are equivalent to NASA's equipment to create panoramic images of MARS
  • If you print this image at 100% size i.e. 53 K Mega Pixel - that would be equivalent to a Foot Ball Field.
  • The car cost is approximately $330,000 that will be approximately 6 times to the average US annual salary!!! 
  • New version of this series is slated to release in 2017. 
  • The size of this file 4425 times larger than the typical smartphone images. 
  • This photography took 
    • 6 Months to Plan 
    • 6 Days to Shoot 
    • 75 Days to Retouch 
  • They almost stitched 700 photos to make this image. 


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