Monday, October 10, 2016

Did You Observe These Hidden Messages In A Logo?

Posted by Sharath

Read out in more details about each logo and its hidden message in the logo and appreciate their creativity.  Please also note that all these logos are registered trade marks of respective companies and here we just used their logos to explain their hidden message in the logo and nothing else to do with their logos. If any issues with this please let us know we will remove as soon as possible. See the footer for details to contact. 

1. Mister Cutts

Its a saloon shot and obviously it needed a pair of scissors and its only for men. All these things are reflecting in a logo. Isn't it? 

2. Families 

A Family Magazine and the 'ili' represents a nuclear family i.e. a father, a mother and a child.  

3. MyFonts

Obviously to write you need various kinds of fonts to style your content. MyFonts gives you various types of fonts and in logo if you observe 'My' it resembles like a palm. Now you got ?

4. NewMan 

Its an ambigram and one of the oldest logos and currently in use - if you observe upside down also no change. 

5. CarreFour 

Its a french outlet and has so many branches all over Europe - CarreFour means Cross Roads in French. It contains the two arrows and it is opposite direction and the in between the empty spaces creates the letter 'C'. 

6. Yoga Australia 

Its an initiative from Australia and the silhouette's negative place i.e. the space between the let, arm and hip creates the outline of Australia. 

7. ED

Its a Plug Company and it is very clearly visible that you can see the company name out of plug. 

8. Eight

Its one of the very innovative logos I have ever noticed - If you closely observe out of all the letters of 'Eight' these are extracted from the '8'. Observe the below outlines for more clarity. 

9. Sony VAIO 

If you observe VA is analog form and IO is resembles like binary i.e. 10 

10. Picasa

Casa means Home in Spanish and pi is might be abbr of Pixel Index the total outline looks like Shutter of a camera and in the middle the space creates the Home - in total it is like House of Pixels where you can store all your images. 

11. Le De Tour France 

Its a tour travelers company - if you closely observe you can see a person i.e. R from Tour and O and yellow dot resembles like Bicycle. 

12. Continental 

Its a Tire company - and if you closely observe the first two letters CO resembles like a Tyre. 

13. Cluenatic 

You want some clue to figure out - closely observe that the square thing is the word "clue"

Will add more once I get like these innovative logos. This post is inspired and recomposed from this Quora post

The above logos are used here for illustration purpose only if any issues please contact us - we will delete. 

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