Sunday, October 16, 2016

ICICI Offers Banking Without Internet

Posted by Sharath
One of the India's largest banking firms ICICI came up with this simple feature but very effective - its called Offline Banking with the help of USSD. Read out for full details. 

Whenever you want to know the balance - there are already various options from ICICI like below 


  • Give a missed call from your registered number (with ICICI) - +91 22 3025 6767 
  • If you have a twitter account - register your twitter handle with ICICI then if you send a DM (Direct Message) to @ICICI then you will get your balance as a reply. For this you need internet. 

Now as a third option (might be some other options as well except app) ICICI came up with this 'USSD' (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) where you need to dial this below number from your registered number. Here this offers various features like below 


  • Dial 1 for Balance Inquiry
  • Dial 2 for Last 3 Transaction Details 
  • Dial 3 for IMPS Transfer via MMID (Mobile Money Identifier) 
  • Dial 4 for IMPS through A/C Details - This needs IFSC code and your MPIN 

This information is sharing here for viewers knowledge purpose and if you want to know more details about this activity visit ICICI this page. If any issues with this information or copyright issues please contact us. 

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