Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Latest Features of WhatsApp - Video Calling Here

Posted by Sharath
These days Whatsapp is so much concentrating on keep increasing its users and wants to give them more options to stay back on whatsapp itself. Observed that Allo's Google Instant was instant hit for Allo, and now Whatsapp is trying to keep its user base - of course its not needed but it is giving more options for its users. Specially in North America more than 30% of users (age range 13-34) are for Snapchat. So basically Whatsapp now concentrating to obtain this kind of userbase as well.

Recently it introduced Tagging Features for Groups and GIF's also can be sent via messages, and Video Call  - so now it is coming up with some funky changes where it attracts the 'Selfie Youth'.


  • Whatsapp Camera now coming with new options like you can design your photo with funky with the help of its predefined clips, emojis. i.e. they can edit the photo with these kind of smilies or emojis etc - its more or like similar to Whatsapp rivalry 'Snapchat' that introduced this kind of features a long back.

  • WhatsApp Front Camera with Flash Option.

  • Zoom In or Zoom Out options for Whatsapp Camera. (Its already included in previous version) 

Please wait for this whatsapp's update in your geography location. Reliable Source you can read here

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