Saturday, October 22, 2016

Mobile Games For Time Pass

Posted by Sharath
Check out these simple yet addictive mobile games and also these games are a bit tricky and you have to think some innovative. So install and play. These apps are available both on Android and iOS

1. ∞ Infinity Loop 

In this one game you have 2 different games so get them installed and enjoy your weekend. This game is now trending in 2016 worldwide. 


A) This category you have to connect all the chains 

B) This category game you have to divide all the connected chains. 


2. 50 - 50 Slice Game

Simple yet very funny and you have to intelligent game - you have to slice into almost 50-50 (if you do exactly you will get bonus points) if not you will get 3/2/1 stars. etc.



3. Brain-it-on

Draw shapes to solve challenging physics puzzles. You have to draw the things on screen so that it will solve the given puzzle. 


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